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Innovative Leadership

MODERN LABORATORY INC. has introduced a Laboratory Information System through which you are accessing this page. The sole purpose for the creation of the same is to enable the clients to view patient results... more

Modern Lab Accreditation

MODERN LABORATORY INC. is accredited by the College of American Pathologist, COLA, and licensed under CLIA. Located in Glendale Heights, Illinois; our facility houses our technical; quality assurance, administrative and... more


Our Mission

The mission of modern lab is to provide quality service to the home health care agencies, physicians, clinics and nursing homes.

Our Team

Principles & Values

•We believe in team work and coopertion.
•We respect cultural diversity.
•We communicate with honesty and openness.
•We try to anticipate customer / patient needs.
•We keep our promises to our customers/patients.
•We use daily opportunities to improve.
•We take pride in appearance of our facilty and ourselves.
•We respect the privacy of our customers/patients.

Scope of Work

To collect blood and urine specimens as requested from patients by venepuncture, ensuring patient, personal and colleague safety through adherence to osha’s standards to ensure that blood samples collected are suitable for test results.